Monday 10 September 2012

A hat-trick of photos for my third last day at the Centre 2012

On a rainy day, what better thing is there to do but to spend an afternoon doing quizzes, feeding hungry crabs, lobsters and starfish? I was joined by my grandparents today who had been looking forward to seeing the INHT visitor centre during their short Islay stay. As you can see below, much enjoyment was had completing the Weights quiz, amongst others, as well as the basking shark rope.

I also remembered I haven't (I don't think) posted a picture of our Black brittle star, and resorted to using flash to photograph one of our butterfish. They were happy though, having just golloped up their food.

Measuring out the sand in the first part of the Weights quiz

Our Black brittle star in the Echinoderm tank. The shorter arm has grown during the time it has been in our care.

The paler of the butterfish in the touch tank. They have become rather tame, peeping their heads out from hiding and gazing up at me, waiting for breakfast!


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