Thursday 13 September 2012

Guess who Quiz (Amended)

Since today was my last official day working at the natural history visitor centre 2012, I decided to have a bit of fun getting shots of my favourite tank residents in a different light. How many can you identify? Some are more obvious than others. Feel free to add your suggestions as a comment on this post. I will reveal all the identities on Saturday evening!


  1. 1. Tough one. Brown/Edible Crab..?
    2. Velvet Crab?
    3. Some kind of sea enemy?
    4. Looks like the mouthparts enemy?
    5. Same colour as a stickleback..?
    6. No idea on this one.
    7. Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly's wings.
    8. No idea again, sorry! many did I get..? Tough quiz!!

  2. Time to reveal the answers, a day late, I know.

    1. Pie crust crab
    2. Velvet crab
    3. Snakeslocks anemone
    4. Sunstar underside
    5. 3 bearded rockling
    6. Scorpionfish
    7. small tortoiseshell butterfly
    8. lobster antennae

    I know you are at an advantage if you know exactly what creatures are in the visitor centre. I will miss them all, and working there!