Wednesday 5 September 2012

Lots of hatching to come

You may remember Lorna mentioning we have some more chrysalises in our pavilion. We are still awaiting the emergence of these 14 butterflies. Meanwhile, however, Lorna had spotted a Spider and eggs in the corner of the pavilion. It must have come in with the nettles before the caterpillars pupated. We decided it was safest to leave her with her brood than disturb them all now, so we eagerly await the birth of hundreds of spiders too! Finally, I caught a Common Marbled Carpet Moth in the moth trap about a week ago and she laid eggs in the tube we kept her in for identification. We've kept the tube at the Centre and eagerly await these births as well. Apparently this species overwinters as a larva so, when the Centre closes for the season, we will release the caterpillars into suitable vegetation. Our expert, Danny Arnold, says they're not too fussy about foilage - just as well, really! Becky
The spider's eggs and some of the chrysalises in the pavilion.
Common Marbled Carpet Moth

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