Monday 18 June 2012

Return of Persephone

It's the third time this wonderful creature has appeared on the blog. Like the Greek goddess Persephone, it pops up from the earth (well wood, really) every Spring and withdraws every harvest time. Gordon Yates and Malcolm found the first one in June 2010, Becky found another one in April 2011, and the one pictured above was found by Michal Sur on the 8th June south of Killinallan.

It's scientific name is Raghium mordax, a longhorn beetle with surprisingly short antennae. The larvae develop beneath the bark of deciduous trees and the adults can often be seen on flowers and the wood of the larval hosts. They are fairly large beetles, getting up to just over 2 cm long. So keep your eyes peeled around woody areas for these beauties.


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