Sunday 3 June 2012

Dunlossit Estate (Part 3)

Wood Warbler

Large Red Damselfly - male

Part 3: On our walk with David yesterday, he told us the Wood Warbler could be heard on Dunlossit Estate. I can't remember the last time I saw this lovely little bird, and mum was equally keen, so we promptly decided we would spend the next morning on the case! As you know, hours can be spent in search of a single species, but today we were lucky. Almost as soon as we got out the car, we could hear the unmistakable trill of the Wood Warbler. We stumbled, and cracked our way over the moss and twigs to get to the tree where song was resonating from. I thought we'd only get a glimpse, but this bird was not shy, as it sung one line, then flitted to another branch, closer to us, until it was right above my head! We were delighted. We also loved seeing the families of baby birds everywhere, in particular wrens and great tits. Many dragonflies and damselflies were also enjoying the sun.



  1. Amazing photos! I am so jealous!! Wood warbler in song and large red damselfly. So cool!!

  2. wow
    great shots. thanks for sharing.