Friday 22 June 2012

News from the Visitor Centre

It's all happening here in the safe confines of the Natural History Trust. Our  first Small Tortoiseshell emerged this morning but has yet to be released due to the wet weather. We now have one adult Small Tortoiseshell, lots of Small Tortoiseshell chrysalises, lots of growing Peacock caterpillars and quite a few still quite tiny Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars. Oh, and one big Small Tortoiseshell caterpillar, which, like Peter Pan, just doesn't seem to want to 'grow up'.
Small Tortoiseshell butterfly and chrysalises

Our Sea Hares are settling in well and are one of my favourite exhibits. Here is a photo of their pink eggs which we are excited about seeing hatching. Look out for these worm like eggs when walking on the shore and take care not to stand on them. They are often washed up on seaweed on the tide line, where they will hopefully be washed back into the sea at high tide.

Sea Hare eggs

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  1. So pleased to see the emerged butterfly! Great success story. Hope it fares well in the big wide world. We need a good year for butterflies. Did you find more sea hare eggs, or are they the result of our sea hares' endeavours?