Tuesday 5 June 2012

Danny Arnold's moths

Thanks to Danny for sending these photos and information about the moths he saw whilst on holiday on Islay last week.

Whilst on the Oa, (29th May 2012) Dave Wood spotted a small moth fluttering around on the cliff edge ( literally the cliff edge!!!)

I always carry a few "pots" in my pocket, so I was able to catch it and pot it up.

I have to say that it was something that I didn't recognise. I certainly hadn't seen it before.

It was well marked so should be easily identifiable ....which it was. It turned out to be a Dew moth.... A new one on me!! It's classified as "Nationally scarce A" which is the second highest classification in terms of UK rarity. So this is a great record for the island.... The larvae feed on lichen on rocks.
Becky confirmed Great news that you have a couple of previous records on file from some years ago...the NBN Gateway map doesn’t show any on Islay .....so this colony on the Oa is probably breeding and otherwise unknown.


Narrow winged Pug

Oblique Carpet

Aspilapteryx tringipennella

Striped Twin spot Carpet

Dew Moth

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