Sunday, 9 October 2011

Not much happening!

Regular readers, of which we know we have many, will have noticed the paucity of posts of late. The main posters, Carl, Becky, Mark and myself, are either away (Becky, Carl), have just been away (me), or have left the island (Mark), resulting in the present drought. However, a drought is not what has been happening outside in the last few days with 32 mm of rain in the last 36 hours, and another 20 mm in the previous three days. That's over 2 inches in old money, and not only is the island saturated, but photography has been fairly pointless, too. Where I live in Bruichladdich I normally have a view across Loch Indaal to Bowmore. From Friday evening until mid-afternoon today (Sunday), Bowmore was invisible because of the thick mist enveloping the island. And even now, the hills are still shrouded.
So here's what my view is just now. Sunny Islay it is not!

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