Friday, 28 October 2011

Hector lands a fine Sorn Salmon

Watched by his sister Emily, Hector Inglis hooked his first salmon while fishing the picturesque lower Sorn near Bridgend yesterday.

After an exciting struggle lasting around 15 minutes the fish was finally netted by Hector's father Willy, prompting a quick celebratory text to alert the world...

The fish was a handsome cock salmon of 4 to five pounds in weight.  It was well coloured, indicating that it had been in the river for a week or more.  Fresh run salmon are silver.

Willy informed me that it has been an excellent salmon fishing season, probably because of the high levels of rainfall.  The Sorn, like Islay's other salmon river the Laggan, are spate rivers, with the fish only running when the water is high enough . 
Islay Estates have a catch and release policy, with over 90% of fish returned to the water.  This handsome fellow lived to fight another day and hopefully beget more of his kind.

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