Monday 6 September 2010

Not another Basking Shark!

Sorry folks, but I was beginning to feel very left out on this Basking Shark thing and then I discovered the way to see a Basking Shark (Otter, Golden Eagle . . . ) is not to think about it. So it was on Saturday when I went across to Jura, firmly ensconced in the car for the duration of our 5 minute passage when a whirlwind of excitement broke out on deck as a Basking Shark was swimming right alongside us. Panic ensued as I delved into my rucsack for my camera and then had to contain my excitement sufficiently to photograph the great beast. What a wonderful moment! So you'll just have to excuse the Basking Shark mania which has hit the INHT. It's been a bumper year for them and we're making the most of it!


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