Thursday 23 September 2010

The INHT September talk! - Wednesday 29th Sep

This month's talk at the Natural History Centre is from our very own Carl Reavey. Carl will be taking a night off from his prolific blogging to talk to us about Eating The Wildlife - A look at what may have been on the menu for Islay's first settlers.

Carl's long-promised talk will look at the kinds of food and animals that our ancestors would have been hunting and gathering here on Islay and the surrounding islands as far back as the Mesolithic era, which I think is when this talk was first proposed. I've had a sneak preview and can promise a bit of everything, some  archaeology, paleontology, anthropology and geography accompanied by some of Carl's terrific photos.

The talk will take place at 7:30pm on Wednesday 29th September at the Natural History Centre in Port Charlotte, and INHT members continue to get free admission. There's a small entrance charge for non-members, but refreshments are included. Hope to see you all there.