Wednesday 12 July 2017

Glasgow students' talk a hit!

It was an excellent night last night when 7 students from the University of Glasgow's Remote Islands Expedition presented the findings of their environmental projects to an enthusiastic audience. In a nutshell, whilst on Islay the students: 
- found the best way to trap and release small mammals for research projects;
- found flint in a location it has never been found before;
- tested out pollinator research methodology for the joint research that INHT and Re-JIG are doing;
- worked with Re-JIG to quantify plastic waste;
- updated bird records.
After the presentations the discussion continued well into the evening over tea and cake.
The students all enjoyed their stay on Islay and are keen for next year's expedition, to build on their work and the good relationships they have made. We look forward to having them back!

4 of the 7 students at the INHT Nature Centre

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