Sunday 9 July 2017

Geological Walk on the Oa

The forecast was rain between the showers but nine would-be geologists braved the weather to look at the rocks around Port nan Gallan on the Oa. After a briefing under the shelter of van's awning we descended to the bay and looked for fools gold (Iron pyrites) in the metamudstones near the waterfall while we were closely watched by a group of seals in the bay next to the 'submarine'. We also dropped acid on limestones and watched them fizz, saw breccias reddened by iron and manganese and boulders of granite in the 650 million year old glacial deposits of the Port Askaig Tillite under the cliffs of made of the Jura Quartzite. So much to see we forgot about the rain!
sheltering from the rain

fools hunting for gold!

on the Jura Quartzite

seals next to the 'submarine'

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