Wednesday 1 July 2015

Orchids galore at Killinallan

Common Twayblade
An amazing array of wildflowers was seen on our walk over at Killinallan on Sunday on a sunny but windy day. Not only did our hardy band of 12 see the recently-recorded narrow-leaved orchid, but also frog orchid and common twayblade, not to mention early purple, pyramidal, heath spotted and early and northern marsh orchids. There were lots of 6-spot burnet moths about too, as well as a beautiful marsh fritillary butterfly.
Marsh Fritillary
There were so many different flowers around that I'll just list them at the end rather than pick any specific ones out. As ever, a very enjoyable few hours ambling about - thanks to everyone who came along, and to our experts Fiona and Malcolm for their wealth of botanical knowledge. The nice thing about these walks is that it doesn't matter how much or how little you know about nature, you're bound to learn something new, and you can share the knowledge you do have! Hope to see you on the next one, which will be a geology walk! Details to follow.
Sea Milkwort
Six-spot Burnet Moth Cocoon
Six-spot Burnet Moth on Pyramidal Orchid
Marsh Cinquefoil
Plants: cuckoo flower, silverweed, thrift, ragged robin, marsh marigold, sea milkwort, sea plantain, sea arrowgrass, narrow-leaved marsh orchid, northern marsh orchid, early marsh orchid, early purple orchid, heath spotted orchid, frog orchid, common twayblade, pyramidal orchid,germander speedwell, lousewort, lesser meadow rue, fairy flax, thyme, bird's-foot trefoil, eyebright, lady's bedstraw, marsh bedstraw, common milkwort, meadow buttercup, daisy, sea plantain, burnet rose, carnation sedge, mouse ear, hawkweed, marsh cinquefoil, marsh lousewort, valerian, meadowsweet, yellow iris, marsh thistle, knapweed, marram grass, black bog rush, tormentil, pennywort, tufted vetch, dog violet, bracken, spear thistle, adder's tongue fern, common nettle, ribwort plantain, tormentil, red clover, white clover. Birds: skylark, swallow, sand martin, rock pipit, hooded crow, herring gull, redpoll, meadow pipit, redshank, oystercatcher. Insects: 6-spot burnet moth, marsh fritillary butterfly. Mammals: grey seals.

Thanks to Hazel Cunningham for most of these photos.

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