Tuesday 7 July 2015

Intrepid explorers brave the rain

An intrepid band of c.25 explorers big and small arrived for a seashore safari at Port Mor on Monday all eager at 2pm. Just as we armed everyone with a net ready, we watched the wall of water approach from the west. Undeterred we ventured down to the rocky shore and did our best to look for creatures under stones and seaweed. some hermit crabs and anemones, one small fish and sea snails were found but the druichid weather took its toll and the band of explorers gradually dwindled.  I may have taken pictures if I dared expose my camera, but wisely thought better of it - the camera lives to snap another day, my jeans however are still attempting to dry!

Better weather is forecast for Thursday when we will be on Jura, looking for the small and beautiful plants and creatures on the peatbog - 'Moorland Magic'.  We will venture a short way along the track to Inver farm, just above the Feolin ferry terminal.  Ferries are at 13:10 or you can easily catch up with us off the 14:15 ferry from Islay, no need to bring the car if you don't want to.  See you there.

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  1. I also got caught out by the rain today on my own rockpooling expedition! Glad to hear there is a keen army of rockpoolers on Islay this summer, but very sad to be missing out on all the activity.