Saturday 11 July 2015

Magic Moorland - Jura

Beaten by the nice weather this time! Everyone must have decided the weather was too good to miss and so make the most of the beach.  No takers for the 'Magic Moorland' session on Thursday.  The sphagnum mosses were a pretty carpet not spoiled by dry weather and the little cute sundews were on the point of flowering, with lots of little midges stuck to their sticky leaves.  There were many butterwort along the nearby ditch, still flowering, they are also partial to the odd insect stuck to their leaves - added nitrogen for growth.  The Bog Asphodel were just displaying the first of their star shaped flowers and the bog cotton heads danced in the breeze.

Next Thursday (16th - 2pm) we are at Kilnaughton Bay so if it be good or not all activities can be combined in one afternoon so come along for a good mix of beachcombing, flower delights and minibeast hunts.

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