Tuesday 21 July 2015

Marsh Samphire - it just goes to show....

Well it turns out that the Marsh Samphire, or Glasswort that we saw on our Sunday afternoon rAmble at Gartbreck is only the third time it's been recorded on Islay! It has previously been found at Saligo and at Lower Killeyan (by a visitor in 2012), and before that there's an older record (1906) from Colonsay. Thanks Malcolm for the info and well done to Fiona for spotting it and bringing it to the attention of the lucky people on the rAmble. So it just goes to show, always report sightings to us, whatever they may be - it might just turn out to be a rarity! Mandy

Marsh Samphire - first record for Gartbreck and third record for Islay!

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