Thursday 1 March 2012

The Oa - Niall Colthart

Grey seals on rocks below Dun Athad on the Oa

A feral nanny goat and her kid on the Oa

I am fairly sure this is Port Nan Gallan on the Oa.  Niall has posted another excellent collection of photographs on his Facebook page, three of which we reproduce here.


  1. Hello, I found this blog via a Twitter search for 'Oa' as I am planning to record myself reading the Edwin Morgan poem 'Canedolia: An Off-Concrete Scotch Fantasia'. May I ask how to pronounce 'Oa', as it is the first word of the poem (all Scottish place names), and I would like to make a good start!)

    The photos here are beautiful.

  2. Hello Kaz. It is pronounced 'Oh'. As in a single syllable. Not 'Ohah', with two syllables which is how it looks as if it ought to be pronounced... Cheers - Carl

  3. Thank you for clearing this up for me, Carl. I had indeed thought it might be two syllables when I read the Gaelic is An Obha.