Monday 12 March 2012

Geology Field Trip Report

Fourteen of us joined Professor Alasdair Skelton and his post-grad student Vincent for a Geology trip based around two sites, the first being a location just south of Bunnahabhain.

We enjoyed a fascinating overview of both first principles of geological classification, and also a truly memorable demonstration of how the eastern half of Islay was formed, using a set of coloured rubber mats and a map.

We had a close look at the remains of the Wyre Majestic, the Fleetwood trawler that ran onto the rocks here back in 1973.

The weather was kind overall, and we enjoyed some spectacular views down the Sound of Islay

One of the many highlights of the day were these fossil stromatolites, some of the most ancient (and successful) living things on the planet.

Our second location was the Ard near Port Ellen where Alasdair had conducted the research for his pHD.

This was an exploration of how carbon dioxide, formed from the remains of organisms that lived around 700 million ago years, became trapped in rock 30kms below the earths surface and then escaped.  Or something like that..!!  - Carl

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