Saturday 10 March 2012

Ardnave to Sanaigmore

This stretch of coastline is quite hardgoing for the intrepid walkers, but at least there's the thought of Petra's coffee and cakes at the end of the walk to keep you going - and the added knowledge that you've got to get there before 4pm makes sure you don't linger too long at any one spot. We saw Roe Deer - the same doe ran just ahead of us most of the way, a juvenile Golden Eagle hiding in a cave, Primrose, Marsh Marigold, displaying Lapwings, singing Skylarks, lots of foamy stuff and this tiny caterpillar which I've not even attempted to identify yet -anyone fancy the challenge? Oh yes, and we made it to Outback Art with 15 minutes to spare!

Unidentified caterpillar

The Allt Mheithego runs trhough this foam-filled gully

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