Saturday 31 March 2012

Beinn Tairt a' Mhill and the Giants' Graves

Well, this was a really interesting expedition. Ever curiously scouring the Islay maps I had seen noted in that ever-so-pretty old-fashioned writing 'Giants' Grave' south-east of Beinn Tairt a' Mhill. I did a bit of homework and set off with Jim, the Baptist minister, and my GPS. "Still going the right way?" Jim questioned with a hint of anxiety in his voice as we wandered through the thick Spruce forest here, pushing stray branches aside every so often. There is actually an old forestry path here so it wasn't as bad as it sounds! Still, without the GPS I'm not sure we would have found this site as it is rather hidden from view. It's quite an exciting place though. For more information, visit:

We saw Golden Eagle, heard and saw Curlews and Lapwings displaying, saw two spiralling Peacock Butterflies and a wonderful carpet of Lesser Celandine. Some Violets were also flowering. Another wonderful spring day!

Giants' Grave, Beinn Tairt a' Mhill

Giants' Grave, Beinn Tairt a' Mhill

Lesser Celandine - Ranunculus ficaria


  1. Interesting story, and nice pictures. Beautiful island.

  2. Being fussy about spelling, the name is Beinn Tart a'Mhill. Becky seems to have added an "i" for some reason!!