Monday 11 July 2011

Rockpooling at Port an Eas

Lorna is here for a week and wrote this about our expedition yesterday:

Yesterday mum and I explored Port an Eas, along the way seeing raven, hooded crow, whinchat family, stonechat, whitethroat, linnet, meadow pipit and skylark. We also saw lots of butterflies, a few damselflies, and two Common Hawker dragonflies. Having made it down to the sea, we sat on the lichen and seaweed covered rocks by the sea to enjoy a snack, and see what was visible underwater, without a fishing net. We were very excited when we spotted first one, then two, then an abundance of Stalked Jellyfish of different sizes sucking onto the green seaweed. The last time we saw this species was about four years ago. We also enjoyed watching a friendly Shore Crab, and many Sea Hares. Most of the latter were no longer than a fingernail, but Mum found this large individual! We also saw three or four Gannets fly past.

Stalked jellyfish at Port an Eas
Stalked jellyfish are sort of trumpet-shaped. They attach themselves to fronds of seaweed, positioned upside-down compared to other jellyfish, with the tentacles projecting upwards, and the stalk located in the centre of the umbrella. They like cold water and are often found close to the shoreline. Some species detach themselves from their substrate and move by somersaulting over to another substrate! I'd like to see this happening.

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