Monday 4 July 2011

INHT Species Lists

We are grateful to David Redshaw for taking us another big step forward with our Biological Records database.  David has broken down the lists into the categories above - which means that it is now far easier to look up the records for particular species.  

You can access this either via the link above or through the INHT website.

David has also come up with and implemented the excellent idea of entering the number of records we have on file for each species so that this can be easily seen.  Obviously, while we are keen for everyone to send us records of absolutely everything - the fewer records we have for that species the more important your contribution is likely to be!!

As we have previously mentioned, the Biological Database is very much a work in progress - and while we have not finished yet this is certainly a major move in the right direction.

Please keep records of your finds coming in.  We look forward to many more records in the future.


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