Monday 23 May 2011

A Day in the Dark

After anticipating the opening of the centre for so long, we switched everything on this morning only to have it all go out on us almost immediately with a power cut that lasted all day.

Undeterred, we remained open with several folk braving it through the doors, including one intrepid cyclist who reported having heard a Corncrake at Gearach - despite the wind! There were also several 'ghosts' as the door kept being blown open all day due to the strong winds. I cannot recall ever having this problem at the centre before, or in fact the winds being so strong in May on Islay. It really has been vicious and unpleasant, but we've soldiered on . . .

And so have the caterpillars, which are getting bigger all the time, leaving skeletons of nettle leafs in their wake.

We hope for calmer weather tomorrow!


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