Monday 2 May 2011

The Butterfly Isles

There is a kalaeidoscope of butterflies in Bridgend Woods at the moment. Well, maybe not quite, but I just wanted to test out a new word, the collective noun for butterflies, that I learnt from a book I kind of hoped I might write someday, but someone beat me to it!

The book is called 'The Butterfly Isles' by Patrick Barkham and is about one man's quest to see all of Britain's 59 species of butterflies in a year. It is excellent, even if he didn't come to Islay, not even to see the Marsh Fritillary! We can forgive him that for his wonderfully related anecdotes and the beautiful paintings - and, of course, the idea in the first place. Now, maybe I should just aim to see all of Britain's butterflies in a lifetime instead. I'd be happy with that!


1 comment:

  1. Gordon and Pauline Yates tell me that Loch Tallant Wood is alive with Speckled Wood butterflies, sheltering in there out of the wind - more than they've ever seen on Islay before.