Sunday 28 October 2012

Beinn Bheigier Circumnavigation

Last Monday I did a walk I'd wanted to do for a while - I circumnavigated Islay's highest mountain anticlockwise, starting at Ardtalla and finishing at Claggain Bay. There were glorious views down Gleann Srath nam Bothag on the northern side of the mountain, and Gleann LeĆ²ra on the south side, which made up for the dearth of flora and fauna. I did hear the Red Deer rutting, however, and saw these two types of fungi on the same log just before dragging my feet the last few steps back to the car at Ardtalla!

View of Beinn Bheigier from SE at beginning of walk near Ardtalla

Beinn Bheigier's south-eastern summit

Glas Bheinn and Gleann Srath nam Bothag with Abhainn Phroaig from north flanks of Beinn Bheigier

Beinn Bheigier's north-western summit

Beinn Bheigier and Claggain River from the south

Fungus on log

Another fungus on the same log, possibly Honey Fungus?


  1. The word "circumnavigation" also conjures up, for me, a maritime excursion around some island. What about, for your journey, using the word "circumperambulation", instead?

  2. Lovely pictures and looks like you had a decent exploration! Missing walks on Islay.