Monday 16 April 2012

Unidentified Fly

I have asked the Dipterist Forum for help with the ID of this one...  Rather splendid antennae.  Found resting on sawn timber in Ballygrant wood.  About 20mm long.  Any ideas anybody?  Carl


  1. The plumed antennae make me think it is a male of either Culicidae - (Mosquitoes/Gnats; c.50 species) or Chironomidae (non-biting midges; c.360 species!). From the picture the mouthparts don't look well developed (ie. not long and pointed for biting)and it has a "hunchback" appearance with the thorax over the head - both more suggestive of a Chironomid - so thats what I'd go for. I'd be interested to see what the xperts at dipterist forum say.

    Cheers - Peter Roberts

  2. Dipterists Forum went for Chironomidae. Thanks Peter....