Sunday 22 April 2012

The International Space Station - James Deane & Niall Colthart

Surely one of James' most impressive night shots to date.  James tells us: "The ISS (Space station) has been making a few good passes this week. Although it orbits every 90 minutes or so, it's elliptical paths only hit these latitudes every few weeks, typically between 205 and 255 miles above the earth...
"Anyways you have to know when it's passing as it goes eastwards pretty quick (17,000mph)... I have seen it plenty of times, but only got it on camera last night, from Soldiers Rock at around 23:30.
"Niall Colthart was shooting with me, not sure he got the ISS in a capture, as he was helping this particular exposure by flooding the rock with torchlight for me. So credit to him too!
"As ever, Venus lending plenty of light here, clarity helped by a new moon...
"Guessing this will be the last night pic you see from me until November/December :((..."

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  1. I've just seen from Niall that he also got the ISS in a capture last night... I forgot to mention you can plot the ISS paths at