Monday 13 February 2012

Next Presentation at Centre - a new Gordon Yates DVD - "Raptors"

Golden eagle by Gordon Yates
We are delighted to be able to welcome back Gordon and Pauline Yates (who are visiting Islay for the 91st time this month).  We have a real treat for us in store this time with a showing of their new DVD entitled "Raptors" which will feature no fewer that 16 birds of prey and owls, many of which were filmed on Islay. 
The showing will take place from 7.30 on Thursday 23rd February at the Natural History Centre in Port Charlotte and will immediately follow our AGM, which is usually legendarily brief. 
Everyone is welcome, as are donations to the INHT.  We will be rattling our bucket enthusiastically...
Hope to see you there...

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