Thursday, 9 February 2012

Castlehill wind turbine - Islay Energy Trust

This photomontage shows the (limited!) visual impact of the proposed turbine as it would be seen from the High Road close to the junction with the link road at Glenegedale.

Islay Energy Trust have commissioned a selection of photomontage images as part of their recent visual assessment carried out for their proposal to erect a single community wind turbine near Castlehill. This project is still very much in the development stage as IET are in negotiation over the ground lease, but Scottish Natural Heritage, as site owner, has given interim permission to carry out various studies. This means that in addition to commissioning the visual assessment IET have been able to apply for a grid connection for the project, and have recently submitted a planning application for a met mast on the site so that the company can carry out the necessary wind speed assessments.
The project, which would see the installation of one 330kW turbine, could one day earn a considerable income for the community – but there are a number of hurdles still to clear, not least that grid connection application.

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