Saturday 25 August 2012

Bruichladdich Rockpooling

It's about time I blogged our rockpooling at Bruichladdich last Sunday. The full species list for this is upstairs in my room, and after today's long walk with  mum (Becky Williamson) it's staying there! Sorry for the disappointment.. Here are the best finds from the day.

Mystery worm/leech.

One of two trays we emptied the buckets into back at the visitor centre, before deciding what to keep in the tanks.

James introducing us to Benny the blenny!

Breadcrumb sponge. This one is demonstrating a lack of algae due to little light, shown by its orange colour. As in the Port Mor specimen from Tuesday's activity session, they are usually green.

Sand/small brittlestar. Found in abundance under stones at Bruichladdich, particularly in muddy pools.



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