Tuesday 14 August 2012

Basking Sharks

This photograph of a basking shark by Chris Gotschalk is in the public domain
Up to four Basking Sharks off Wester Ellister in September 2010, photographed by Mark Reynier

We have been receiving reports of Basking Sharks off the Rhinns in the last few days and can expect more. In the latter part of August last year, there were an estimated 40 in Loch Indaal off the southern part of the Rhinns. Jane Dawson counted 23 from her office window at Easter Ellister!
A fascinating study by SNH and Exeter University has recently marked several of these huge fish with satellite tags. You can read about the study and see maps of the tracks at:
including of one which was marked off Tiree on 13th July but which has moved to the waters off Colonsay.

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