Tuesday 22 November 2011

Walk by Torra River

This lovely fencepost made up for a distinct lack of bird life on a very boggy walk along the Torra River on Sunday - the highlight being an unexpected and tantalising glimpse of a Dipper flying upstream. With the lack of anything happening above our heads, and the need to watch where every footstep was going, all heads were down and we noticed this disgusting stuff. Is it poo/vomit/slime mould? Any ideas?

Squelchy stuff - 1

Squelchy stuff - 2 (with lovely Cladonia lichen)

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  1. The jelly has been puzzled over many times - see, e.g.,

    In the spring, you could believe it came from frogs and was the jelly that wraps round their eggs to form spawn, but among the many suggestions on that websitge, the one from a stalker, that it is stag semen, fits with its regular appearance in autumn.