Sunday 13 November 2011

Moths in November

Having not run the moth trap once in October - high winds and especially lots of rain are not conducive to trapping - I did so last night and caught a grand total of 2 moths. The first one is a Turnip Moth, the first record since 1983 - there were also records in 1972 and 1973 - and it wouldn't sit still to be photographed hence the slight blurring. The second one is a plume moth of which there are several different species. I am reasonably confident this one is Emmelina monodactyla which doesn't have a vernacular name. I've asked an expert to confirm it for me and to let me know if he knows of past Islay records. [Later: the species is confirmed and it appears it may be an Islay first.] As it is common and widespread in Britain, it is slightly surprising it hasn't been recorded here before.
Turnip Moth

Plume moth Emmelina monodactyla

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