Wednesday 13 June 2018

Pollinator Walk Success!

It was a very successful walk led by Fiona MacGillivray last Sunday, when out searching for pollinators at the Loch Gruinart RSPB reserve! Many bees, from White-tails, Buff-tails, Carders and Garden bumblebees were observed within both the reserves woodland trail and moorland trail. The sunny weather was a bonus!

Some of our exciting finds of the walk included some interesting butterfly species from Small heath, Green veined, Small copper and Marsh fritillary, what a find! Marsh fritillary although widespread on Islay are threatened not only within the UK, but across Europe and so of conservation concern. It is the most brightly coloured of the fritillary species and can be found in damp grasslands, chalk grasslands and coastal grasslands, so keep your eyes pealed!

The current pollinator verge surveys and management are hoping to encourage habitat favorability for not only butterfly species, but all pollinator species on Islay.

Make sure to come to this Sunday's 'Super Seashore Bonanza' rAmble on the 17th June, where we will be at Gartbreck looking for seaweeds, seals, flowers, waders and seashells. Hope to see you there!

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