Wednesday 20 June 2018

Gartbreck: Super Seashore Bonanza Walk Success!

Although we were unfortunate with the rainy weather that turned in on us whilst on a seashore wander of Gartbreck, we powered through and had much success whilst scavenging the beach for seashore finds. The tides were at their lowest and many species were found including a variety of seaweeds from egg wrack, bladder wrack, Peppered dulse, Saw wrack, Gut-weed and Sugar kelp, which were spotted along the way. We carried out a beach-comb to uncover what was beneath and more was discovered including common shore crabs, hermit crabs, sea squirt, flat fish and painted top shells! There were many interesting discoveries from this Sunday's walk and although the weather was not on our side, the wildlife definitely was!

Make sure to come to this Sunday's nature rAmble on Sanigmore bay on the 24th June where we will be exploring the dunes for floral plant life, coastal birds and many other wildlife delights....there may also be a possibility of a stop for some cake at the Outback Art Gallery before setting off, so make sure to come along!

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