Wednesday 15 November 2017

Fun at our AGM - Pot luck supper

When someone comments that this is probably the best AGM they have attended..ever!!!  It is encouraging to feel that whilst such formal meetings can usually be a boring affair that no one wants to attend we have managed to make the ordeal light and fun to come along and enjoy.

Our usual format of having a talk alongside was change to a 'Foraged' Pot Luck Supper, some foraged Tesco's and the Co-op! and some used natural wild foraged ingredients, what ever they felt best at.

A good spread and some light hearted fun by way of an Islay based wildlife quiz went down a treat, the questions, not that easy so well done everyone, birds, plants, mammals and bugs and beasties, I did not get time to put in the geology questions, sorry Dave! and we finished off with building a beetle and 'drawing in the dark', the latter undoubtedly the most fun.

Thanks to all who came along and made it so much fun.

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