Friday, 16 June 2017

Sea Tank Critters Update

It has now been a few weeks since we set up our tanks here at the Islay Natural History Trust and it is nice to find that all of our creatures are settling in well. 
This Shanny is a master of camouflage. 

The three spined sticklebacks in the main marine aquarium are thriving in particular. The males, which are distinguishable by their red undersides, have built nests which they are now defending.
The male Stickleback guarding his nest. 

A female stickleback.

One male has begun to fan his nest, a behaviour which helps to circulate water over the eggs and keeps them well oxygenated. He is also particularly fierce in the defence of his nest, and appears to have claimed the whole end of the tank as his own.

The hermit crabs are now also moving into new, larger shells.
A hermit crab in the rock-pool tank has taken up residence in a dog whelk shell. 
Beth C 

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