Monday, 12 June 2017

Islay Natural History Trust benefiting from your shopping!

Easyfundraising - Well done all our shopping supporters

Thank you to all those who are shopping via the Easyfundraising system and adopting the Islay Natural History Trust as the recipient to the donations from retail companies that you shop with.  

We have reached an amazing milestone in our donations from this system, a grand total of £2000 has now been received since this was set up and a good half of this in just the last couple of years.  there is no outlay on our part and none on yours, (unless of course shopping with Amazon and then you have to remember to link in via Easyfundraising - I sometimes forget!).

So thank you to that person who shopped last week, booked a holiday, or some major DIY gear to suddenly break the threshold of the £2k mark on our barometer.

If anyone is not yet signed up please consider doing so via this link as for everyone who signs up we get an extra £1 as well as the donation from your spending.

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