Monday, 15 May 2017

Islay's Floral Dandelion Bonanza

It may have turned a bit dramatic and wild on the weather front today but the rain will be most welcome to all those invertebrates that thrive in the wet soil and many birds, now with chicks, that rely on them for food.  These dry few weeks although delightful and warming and providing a sunny vista can be tough for wildlife. 

 Others however are adapted to cope, the deep tap root of the dandelion reaches far under the hard baked surface soil to reach the moister depths and these seem to have thrived during this sunny spell.  The flowers are laden with nectar and pollen providing a wonderful blast of yellow along the verges and a plentiful supply of sustenance for bee's and butterflies.

These flowers are one of the earliest flowers to produce seeds which is very important for seed eating birds like the goldfinch which can be seen feeding around the seed heads at this time of year, just in time for their hatching chicks.

We may overlook these more common and familiar plants but they all have their important niche and role to play in the seasonal bounty of the wildlife year.
Fiona MacG