Monday, 29 May 2017

Our 2017 season of nature walks - Sundays 2pm throughout the summer

The first of our Sunday Nature rAmbles this year

Starting off with a tour of The Ard - Port Ellen

The early spring flowers are nearing their end and the first of the late spring/summer flowering is underway so hoping for the best of both this coming Sunday.  The Ard is a nice mix of heath, grassland and woodland species, with butterflies and bumblebees on the wing there should be lots to interest us.  We have the sea to view and a bit of shoreline to explore so lots of potential flowers and creatures to discover.

Please do come and join us this Sunday at 2pm and we will see what exciting wildlife we can find.  We are meeting on the Green opposite the Co-op.

Charge £5 per person /family £10/ Islay Natural History Trust members £2

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