Friday, 17 June 2016

News Flash - The lobster has grown!

Old skin - can you believe it pulls itself out of this
 all squishy and soft before hardening its new skin
I came into the centre this morning, went round all the tanks to check all the creatures were happy.  Saw tentacles poking out of the lobsters tube - all fine. Then I noticed a half buried lobster body in the sand, a moment of confusion before the realisation that our fella must have shed its coat and grown.

I haven't seen its full new size yet, the claws look big but it still fits in the tube, so that's good, but will feed it this afternoon and see how big it is.  The creatures are all doing very nicely this year, so well worth a trip to the centre to have a look at all the little creatures that happily live off Islay's shores.
Fiona MacG
Lobster with its fresh new coat!

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