Monday 26 August 2013

Bàgh an Dà Dhoruis

Apologies for any mis-spellings in the title - my map is so worn that I can no longer read it in places! *Thanks Armin - now corrected!* Lorna and I had a long walk to this beach on the north coast of Islay on Saturday. It was a most glorious day with just enough breeze to make walking comfortable and keep the midges at bay! We saw lots of wildlife, with caterpillars being our highlight this time. This beach is perhaps my favourite beach on Islay (I know I've said somewhere on The Oa is, but I've just changed my mind!) It's pretty inaccessible too, which means it's never mobbed and has lots of volcanic sills as well as views of Colonsay. Now all the thousands who read this will be heading to the north of the island . . . A wonderful walk!

Bombus hortorum - Garden Bumble Bee

Broom Moth caterpillar

Emperor Moth caterpillar

Satyr pug caterpillar


  1. Try Bàgh an Dà Dhoruis ;-)

    Bay of the two doors

  2. Very nice record. Satyr Pug has only been recorded twice on Islay, being trapped at Ellister in 1972 and 1973. Now trap an adult.....!

  3. We also saw larvae last year near Ardbeg so must add them to the records! Someone will have to trap out near Bolsa!