Tuesday 20 August 2013

Ramble at Kilchiaran, 19th August 2013

We had a great turn out for today's ramble, with all ages and interests represented. It was a welcome challenge to keep being asked about Islay's geology and to have various types of rock pointed out to us by our younger ramblers who repeatedly showed up my lack of knowledge on the subject! Thanks to all for such enthusiasm!

Herring Gull, Common Gull, Hooded Crow, Buzzard, Rock Pipit, Pied Wagtail, Rock Dove, Sand Martin

Marsh Woundwort, Lady's Bedstraw, Harebell, Tormentil, Bird's-foot Trefoil, Dove's-foot Cranesbill, Water Mint, Meadow Buttercup, Lesser Spearwort, White Clover, Red Clover, Common Milkwort, Self-heal, Pineapple Mayweed, Mayweed, Eyebright, Red Bartsia, Common Nettle, Marsh Thistle, Spear Thistle, Creeping Thistle, Hawkweed, Daisy, Forget-me-not sp, Foxglove, Marram Grass, Curled Dock, Thrift, Mouse-ear Chickweed, Meadow Vetchling, Butterwort, Common Centaury

Green-veined White, Small Copper, Small Tortoiseshell, Bombus pascourum (Common Carder Bee), Bombus lucorum (White-tailed Bumble-bee), hoverfly spp, 

Xanthoria sp, Anaptychia runsinata, Ramalina sp, Ochrolechia parella

Marsh Woundwort

Malcolm tells us about geese and their droppings

We listen avidly

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