Monday, 11 March 2013

Olistadh and Grimsay - in the snow!

What a fantastic walk I had yesterday. I've spent the most indulgent day today (shunning the sunshine) in favour of manipulating over 100 photos (oh, and going to the dentist, but that's less interesting!) I'm often amazed at how many places on Islay I have still failed to visit, and these were two of them. Olistadh is Old Norse for Olaf's Town and is situated west of Gearach (off the Kilchiaran road). Grimsay is a veritable township (albeit ruined), lying in an elevated position and 'guarded' by its very own standing stone north of Gearach. Here's a selection of photos.

Doorlet at Olistadh

Olistadh (look closely to see the snow!)

Large piece of quartz at Grimsay

Recumbent Standing Stone near Gearach

Dun Glas an Loin Choir

Part of ruined settlement of Grimsay

Summit of Dun Glas an Loin Choir looking towards Loch Gearach

The 'Guardian' of Grimsay village

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