Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Corra-ghoirtein and Coille Mhòr

Two more old Islay farmsteads. Corra Ghoirtein translates as Corncrake and is evocative of a time when this now rare farmland bird once inhabited our land in dense numbers.

Coille Mhòr (Big Woodland) is another poignant title as it suggests a time when woodland was more extensive than it is today, although I was encouraged to see evidence of the Rhododendron eradication/native woodland regeneration project at Coill' a Chorra Ghoirtein.

Fiona and I saw a quality total of 7 species of birds today: Golden Eagle (fantastic - never tire of it!), Hen Harrier, Buzzard, Teal, Twite, Meadow Pipit and Common Gull. We saw a plethora of unknown lichens though on the old walls and an interesting pellet.

My only regret (and some would say I was being petty) is that we chose the one dull day sandwiched between two glorious days. Still, it was a joy to explore territory neither of us had really seen before - and that's saying something! Thanks for the company, Fiona - and the excellent map reading!

Coille Mhòr (Big Woodland)

Regenerating woodland at Bun an Uillt

Interesting pellet

Lichen at Corra Ghoirtein

Corra Ghoirtein

Fuscidea Cyathoides

Loch a' Chnuic Bhric

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