Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chasing the Dipper

We saw more Dippers than I've ever seen in one day on Islay today - and unexpectantly so! A rather hopeful single bird on the Allt nan Gamhna (near Kyngarry) and a definite pair on the Kilennan River further south. How delightful! The single bird kept flying ahead of us upstream and we must have encountered it half a dozen times.

What a gorgeous day. It's not often we can say on Islay after six hours of blazing sunshine, "I wish there was a cloud for the sun to go behind!" Jane chided me for saying so!

My favourite lichen - Cladonia floerkeana

An interesting stone in the burn

Small waterfall on the Allt nan Gamhna

Shakehole and shadows near Kynagarry

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