Sunday, 24 February 2013

A walk in the snow

If I was being really fussy I'd be moaning that yesterday was not today (in terms of the weather!), but it's a good job I'm not that fussy and that I haven't thought about that at all today! If it was cloud I yearned (ever so slightly) for on my last post, it was less of it I was wishing for yesterday, but never mind; we can say we walked to Bolsa in the snow! And it would only be ever so slightly an exaggeration. OK, so it was only a slight (but continuous) flurry and we didn't quite make it as far as Bolsa, but we got enviable views of Jim's second otter (his first was not so enviable and only minutes before the second). Sadly no photos, but we watched it for a good 20 minutes, catching a crab, then coming onshore to eat it and then swimming out again and then returning to have a drink in the river and waddle up the path I'd walked up only minutes before. It really was amazing. That's what comes of forgetting your binoculars (Jim) and bringing the wrong camera (Becky). What a fantastic day!

Abandoned (?) kid en route to Bolsa - its parents fled upon our approach!

Eas Lathan - impressive waterfall on the Doodilmore river

OK, so not snow, but a lot of the ground was still frozen like this.

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