Sunday 4 December 2011

Next talk at the Centre - "Scotland's Reindeer" - Mary McGregor - Thurs 15th December

Mary says - "Reindeer were re-introduced to the Scottish Highlands in 1952 by a Swedish Sámi by the name of Michal Utsi. I began working with them in the winter of 2000 and was immediately addicted to their amazing natures. I returned to work there for the best part of ten years, as both seasonal staff during my studies, and later as a full time reindeer herder.
"The reindeer roam the slopes of some of Scotland's highest slopes feeding on the only sub-arctic territory in the UK, and as a herder it was my job to 'roam' out and locate them throughout the year.
"As an Arctic animal, they are found in the worlds harshest environments. But their range enabled the people of the Arctic to survive there too as they took on the role of cow, horse, sheep and goat: reindeer pull sleighs of people, packages and houses; they provide meat and even milk; in some parts of the world they are even ridden. What better animal to make it around the world and back in one night?

"Through this talk I hope to tell you what makes reindeer so special and how they survive in the Arctic circle, the famous Cairngorm herd and, of course, Christmas!"

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