Friday 2 September 2011

Let's submerge...

Something a bit different today. Andy Ferrier does lots of diving for scallops and other shellfish in the waters around Port Askaig and has started taking his camera down on dives, with some great results. We've not had much (if any?!) underwater photography sent to us before, so it's doubly nice to see. If you can't get to the Natural History Centre in Port Charlotte to see our fabulous marine tanks, make do with these...

Here's a Cushion star

And a Dogfish, posing for the camera. Andy commented on how tame these were 

And neither myself or Andy know what these tube-like things are, but it's a great picture. Any ideas?

Lots more to come over the next few days, including a pretty cool swimming scallop. Thanks Andy!



  1. Wow! These are amazing. I'm fascinated by the last picture. Thought it might be a fan or tube worm, but not sure. Will get onto the case. They look as if they might glow in the dark?Becky

  2. Hey! What about the Light Bulb Tunicate! It says in my book that these have a distinctive bright yellow 'filament' which these seem to have. What do others think? I love it!

  3. Well done, Becky, that's definitely what they are.
    Clavelina lepadiformis is their scientific name and if you put that into Google and select images, you'll find similar photos.

    See, e.g.,


  4. Mum and Malcolm, you beat me to it! I'm looking at them in my book right now. I would love to see these. They're lovely.